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ModelWrapper shall be able to handle File Objects correctly




      *) getOpenEngSBModelEntry: if object is type of File, then convert it to FileWrapper.
      *) setOpenEngSBModelEntry: if object is type of FileWrapper, first do nothing special.
      *) getFile: if there is an object at the key of the file which is FileWrapper, change it to a File object. Not before!
      *) convert to FileWrapper: zip the File object, and save it as a byte [].
      *) FileWrapper: byte[] and filename.
      *) create object on other side in temporary folder.

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          Felix Mayerhuber
          07/Dec/11 10:59 - 07/Dec/11 10:59 : 4 s
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          Felix Mayerhuber
          07/Dec/11 10:59 - Today 23:51 : 69660 h, 52 m
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