[OPENENGSB-1956] activemq web console fails Created: 05/Sep/11  Updated: 11/Jul/14  Resolved: 25/May/14

Status: Closed
Project: OpenEngSB
Component/s: framework
Affects Version/s: None
Fix Version/s: openengsb-3.0.0.M2

Type: Bug Priority: Trivial
Reporter: Andreas Pieber Assignee: Kristof Meixner
Resolution: Fixed Votes: 0
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The problem here is that activemqweb starts but it does not work if you point your browser to it. In 1.2.x it still works?!

This might not be a blocker for M4, but definitely is one for the 1.3.0 final release

Comment by Felix Mayerhuber [ 10/Oct/11 ]

sorted it out. If aries jndi bundle is started, the activemq web console doesn't work. I try if the EDB can run without it.

Comment by Andreas Pieber [ 10/Oct/11 ]

is this a problem with some double exports? I'm afraid that we'll have other problems (e.g. jpa) which is relying on the jndi bundle... mhm...

Comment by Felix Mayerhuber [ 10/Oct/11 ]

I don't know exactly whats the problem is. But we can't remove the bundle because jpa doesn't work without it

Comment by Andreas Pieber [ 10/Oct/11 ]

I was afraid of this... can we produce a VERY minimal example? I would like to point the right ppl on this but for that I'll need a simple example. Would this be possible?

Comment by Felix Mayerhuber [ 10/Oct/11 ]

you mean a little example project?

Comment by Andreas Pieber [ 10/Oct/11 ]

yep; best something very simple without openengsb context; there don't need to be JPA in the context; it's enough if the amq libs and the JNDI lib

Comment by Felix Mayerhuber [ 10/Oct/11 ]

wouldn't it be sufficient to take the aries jpa example and add the amq libs there? or is that too big?

Comment by Andreas Pieber [ 10/Oct/11 ]

would be perfect if it works

Comment by Felix Mayerhuber [ 16/Oct/11 ]

looks like this problem is already known


but there is no information when this will be fixed in the aries jndi bundle

Comment by Felix Mayerhuber [ 17/Oct/11 ]

the problem is already fixed in the github repo. I will ask when the release of the next JNDI bundle version is planned

Comment by Andreas Pieber [ 17/Oct/11 ]

good to know I think this is a candidate for the known issue page on the HP (once it is in place). Till those aries packages are in karaf we cant do anything. Thanks for finding the problem.

Comment by Andreas Pieber [ 14/Nov/11 ]

we're still waiting for the JNDI bundle release...

Comment by Felix Mayerhuber [ 16/Dec/11 ]

there is now a new JNDI bundle version available (now under vote and not released to central). The tests has been started for that. Problem here is that Karaf itself has a JNDI bundle started, which has the previous version. We have to wait for the next Karaf release for that. Tests with Karaf and the new JNDI bundle are now in progress.

Comment by Andreas Pieber [ 27/Dec/11 ]

We cant do this without karaf 3

Comment by Andreas Pieber [ 18/Feb/12 ]

Because of a required karaf upgrade or some major internal/api changes of the OEB we cannot fix those issues now and therefore delegate them to 2.4.3

Comment by Andreas Pieber [ 24/May/13 ]

ah OK... I think this should work already again after the upgrade to karaf-RC1.

Comment by Kristof Meixner [ 25/May/14 ]

Changed feature definition and version range there.

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